Yamaha YRi-V 3D AOI

3D Hybrid AOI

The question legitimately arises, why Hybrid? Because it combines all good qualities! Its main capabilities: 3D height measurement up to 25mm, all at ultra-fast speed. (160-200% increase compared to the previous series), uses an 8-way 3D projector to eliminate shadow effects and 3D noises. It can be equipped with coaxial lighting, ultra-high resolution - up to 5um - and a 20 Mpixel side camera. And in dual lane design, it is a flexible solution for any conveyor design.


In addition to the list, there are a few outstanding capabilities such as: Scattered component inspection FOD, furt-mounted inspection THT, Crack inspection, OCR update by partnumber, panel curvature compensation, Infrared illumination, LED phosphor test, inspection of long panels, full offline programming, a common parts library is for all production lines. Multi Libray for testing different production processes (glue, placement, reflow, wave).



  • Same design and GUI as YAMAHA YR series
  • Compatibility with previous Yamaha AOI equipment with YSI-V.
  • 4-way Moiré digital projector for 3D inspection (8 optional)
  • Color camera with multi-directional lighting (H, M, L) + Infra
  • Barcode scanning with external reader or own camera


  • YS-UP programming interface identical to YAMAHA equipment
  • Outstanding 2D and 3D inspection algorithms
  • Screening with a side camera under Shield!
  • OCR, LED, THT, FOD examination
  • Writing programs from CAD, GERBER P&P data
  • Debug time minimization
  • (IPC Rank tuning, Judgment-based tuning, Auto parameterization)
  • Complete Offline SW and Offline DEBUG
  • AI-based shape recognition
  • SPC tools
  • Panel size: min: L 50 x W 50 mm max: L 610 x W 610 mm
  • Max 45 mm upper and 80 mm lower overhang
  • Machine size: L 1,252 mm x W 1,497 mm x H 1,614 mm
  • Weight: 1480 kg
  • Dual Lane design, testing two separate products
  • Long board option 750 x 610 mm max panel size
  • On request, it can even handle longer panels (L=1200mm)
  • 4-way (20 MPixel) side camera for decision support
  • up to 5 μm height measurement accuracy
  • 8-way Moiré digital projector
  • (for 3D inspection to eliminate shadow effect and 3D noises)
  • NG marker, captioning is possible
  • External arbitration and repair station software
  • Bonding test

  • THT mapping

  • 3D soldering

  • FOD test

  • Image of 01005 mil SMD

  • WLCSP noiseless mapping

  • Examination system

  • Yamaha frame


Yamaha 3D Hybrid Optical Inspection System

Super high-speed 3D scan 56.8cm²/sec
Super accuracy by 8-way 3D projectors
4-way side camera inspection
20 Megapixel camera system
Super high resolution 5μm
Coaxial lighting