discharge cabinet

XSDR reset cabinet

When MSL sensitive parts spend more time than required in production, they must be baked in order to be reusable. Totech's XSDR, i.e. "Reset" cabinet is able to remove moisture from components in their original packaging at 40 or 60 C° in a humidity below 0.5%. Discharge times can be automatically programmed and monitored on the cabinet according to the MSL classification of the component. As a result, they do not spend more time than necessary at high temperatures, but can be returned to production, packaging or storage cabinets as soon as possible. In two separate compartments of the cabinet, equipped with their own drying units, it is possible to bake the components at different temperatures and humidity levels.

  • Rapid controlled discharge of MSL parts
  • Programmable discharge times according to MSL classification
  • Two compartment design, equipped with two independent drying units
  • Create up to 0.5% relative humidity (RH)
  • Heating up to 60C°
  • Sensor humidity and temperature measurement (±0.8 RH%)
  • Dynamic regeneration
  • Touch screen display
  • Light and sound signals
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Double-walled design with excellent insulation
  • Adjustable polck distribution
  • Totech Monitor software for constant cabinet status monitoring and data collection up to simultaneous monitoring of multiple cabinets
  • MSL 2.0 full-featured parts tracking software
  • Optional nitrogen atmosphere

Capacity: 260 L per compartment

External dimensions: 700 x 2060 x 850 mm (W x D x W x D)
Internal dimensions: 582 x 696 x 685 mm (W x D x H x W) per chamber

Weight: 138 kg per module

Shelf load capacity: 50 kg

  • Dual display design

    Both discharge compartments are equipped with their own display.

  • Bake-out times

    MSL classification and classification by encapsulation thickness

  • MSL 2.0

    Complete parts tracking system


XSDR series

Simple, gentle, efficient and traceable MSL component unloading.