HSD series

HSD drying cabinets are the For SD series are equipped with a more powerful but equally maintenance-free drying unit. This allows the cabinet to generate and maintain RH below 0.5%. Temperature and humidity changes or alerts in the cabinet can be collected using Totech software.

  • Reels, trays, stick feeders, finished and semi-finished products up to entire magazines can be stored
  • Totech patented drying unit U-5000 for setting relative humidity (RH) 0,5%
  • Sensor humidity and temperature measurement (±0.8 RH%)
  • Dynamic regeneration
  • Digital display
  • Light and sound signals
  • Economic consumption
  • HSD series in various sizes from 1179 to 1700 litres
  • Adjustable polck distribution
  • Optional 4 or 6 door layout
  • Totech Monitor software for constant cabinet status monitoring and data collection up to simultaneous monitoring of multiple cabinets
  • MSL 2.0 full-featured parts tracking software
  • Optional heating up to 40C°
  • Optional nitrogen atmosphere

Intake capacity: 1179 L

External dimensions: 1200 x 1675(1840) x 658(768) mm (W x H x D)
Internal dimensions: 1190 x 1533 x 630 mm (W x D x H x W)
Weight: 189 kg

Shelf load capacity: 50 kg

  • 5001 Dry-unit

    Dehumidification unit 0.2% to create relative humidity within 10 minutes.

  • HSD display

    Intelligent user interface.

  • Totech Monitor

    Complete cabinet tracking system for up to several Totech cabinets.

  • MSL parts inventory system

    Monitoring of humidity sensitive parts inside and outside the cabinet.


HSD series

Stronger drying performance with more accurate monitoring.