XSDC series

These cabinets are equipped with both a heating and cooling unit, so they are not only suitable for unloading parts, but also for long-term storage at low temperatures of 10C°. Under these conditions, both oxidation and intermetallic layer growth can be drastically reduced.

  • Reels, trays, stick feeders, finished and semi-finished products up to entire magazines can be stored
  • Totech patented drying unit 0,5% for relative humidity (RH) adjustment
  • Cooling unit up to 10C°
  • Sensor humidity and temperature measurement (±0.8 RH%)
  • Dynamic regeneration in up to 10 minutes
  • Light and sound signals
  • Economic consumption
  •  1190 litres capacity
  • Adjustable door and shelf spacing
  • Software (Totech Viewer and Totech Monitor) cabinet monitoring
  • MSL 2.0 full software-based parts tracking
  • Optional nitrogen atmosphere
  • Available in several sizes: 490 L or 1190 L
  • Humidity setting:+/- 0.8 % RH, +/- 0.3°C
  • Refrigerated version only, for storage of solder paste
  • Totech Monitor

    Complete cabinet tracking system for up to several Totech cabinets.

  • XSD display

    Series models are equipped with a touch screen display.