dospl piston dispensers

Dos DP(L)2001 piston dosing heads

The new dispensing family consists of two models, the DPL2001 optimized for small quantities and the DP2001 developed for high-speed dispensing.

DosP-DPL2001 for small quantities

The DosPL-DPL2001 can dispense up to 3 microliters of 1-component materials and up to 6 microliters of two-component materials according to the volumetric piston dosing principle that has been used so far. Thus, the dispensing head is capable of dispensing even small amounts of adhesives, thermal pastes or synthetic resins, meeting the miniaturization requirements of modern electronic assemblies. Furthermore, the new non-displacement valve system is characterized by high reliability and enables the shortest valve switching time. The head is particularly robust, so abrasive materials, e.g. also suitable for dispensing thermal pastes.

DosP-DP2001 for high speed dosing

The DosP DP2001 dispenser dispenses 1-component substances from 0.06 ml to 20 ml, and 2-component substances from 0.1 to 40 ml. The higher dosing speed is made possible by the new valve system, the shortest valve switching times and the renewed servo drive. The membrane-free dispenser requires low maintenance and is particularly pressure-resistant.

New pressure monitoring, valve position control and software functions further contribute to the system's individual performance.


  • For thermal pastes, adhesives, potting materials
  • Volumetric dosing principle always stable dispensed quantity and mixing ratio
  • Fast valve opening and closing for shorter cycle times
  • Valve solutions that are easy to replace and maintain
  • Head design resistant to heavily charged abrasive material
  • Continuous process monitoring – dosing pressure measurement: Reliable process monitoring ensures traceability and a high degree of transparency of the dosing process. With the help of new sensors and software, the system constantly monitors the dosing pressure. Deviations of the growing mixing shaft or material viscosity can thus be detected in the future. In addition, the material-specific feed pressure is taken into account when developing the feed programs, and this can contribute to better start/stop behavior and more accurate contours – a significant advantage, especially in the smallest volume range.
  • Adjustable mixing ratio


  • Dispense smaller volumes than ever before - 3 uL (1 component) and 6 uL (2 components)
  • Valve technology without positive displacement


  • 10 times faster dosing time, even in the case of highly charged heat-conducting materials, thanks to a renewed, stronger drive system and head design
  • Dosable quantities between 0.1 ml and 40 ml with the same dosing head design. The new technology is particularly advantageous in combination with the proven piston dosing principle. As a result, not only microdots and lines can be dispensed, but the system offers maximum flexibility in terms of dispensing volumes and quantities, even larger quantities can be dispensed with the same configuration.
  • Minimum dispensed quantity (DPL2001) 3 or 6 microliters for 1 or 2 components
  • Maximum dosing rate (DP2001) 40 ml/sec

Dispenser heads are available:

  • Can be integrated as a dispensing head
  • Process Module ready to be integrated as part of an integrable axis system as a complete dosing solution that includes both movement and process support functions
  • DC803 as part of a complete dosing cell

The following can be connected to the dosing head:

  • DPL2001

    For dosing small amounts up to microliters

  • DP2001

    High-speed dispensing up to 10 times faster



High-performance dispenser with a dosing speed up to 10 times faster than before


Dosing smaller amounts than ever before