DosP dispensing head series

Precise dispensing volume and fixed mixing ratio

Scheugenpflug DosP piston volumetric dosing heads are capable of handling both 1 and 2 component materials. Maximum mixing ratio and dispensed volume are ensured, as the pistons are driven by a common pressure plate and the mixing ratio is determined by the piston diameter. The two components meet only in a static mixing shaft, thus minimising unwanted material reaction and the amount of consumable wear parts. An additional advantage of DosP is that a flushing fluid cleans the walls of the working rollers of any residual deposited material after each dosing cycle, thus extending the life of the working rollers and protecting the dosed material from moisture or contamination.

  • Dispensing nozzles for any material such as gaskets, thermal conductive pastes, adhesives or potting materials
  • Can be built into any Scheugenpflug device or integrated into custom target machines
  • Due to the volumetric principle, the exact amount of material can be dispensed regardless of temperature, pressure or viscosity changes
  • constant mixing ratio for 2-component materials, thanks to the common engine driven piston pressure plate
  • The two components don't meet in the head, only in the static mixing arm.
  • Washing fluid ensures cleaning of the piston rod and cylinder, checking the tightness and protecting the material from moisture or external contamination
  • Pneumatically controlled valves
  • Simple and economical maintenance
  • Handling of filled, abrasive materials

Model P016 P050 P100 P300

Weight (kg):                                              13          19.5        33          48.5

Width (mm):                                290      335        350       350

Height (mm):                                350      550        600       670

Depth (mm):                                   230      240         240       240

Heating (°C):                                          80         80           80         80

Maximum quantity released

2K at 1:1 mixing ratio (ml): 35 90 229 318

  • Multiple 2-12 mixing shaft design for higher capacity
  • Separately controllable outputs
  • Heatable head and mixing stem
  • Different sizes for different dosage volumes
  • Circulation of material through the head for materials that are prone to disintegration and settling
  • DosPA alternating double dosing shaft design for continuous dosing
  • DosTCA for dispensing high viscosity thermal pastes
  • Connected at A90, A280/A220, A310 and LP804 Scheugenpflug preparation wagon
  • DosP300

    Larger piston diameter head for higher dosing volumes.

  • DosPA

    Alternating double piston dispensing head for continuous dispensing

  • DosPX multiple mixer closure head

    Multiple products for palette dispensing.


DosP piston dispensing head

Accurate output and mixing rate with low maintenance requirements.