MPM's next generation innovative stencil printing platform breaks all records for both print accuracy and speed. The machine is capable of wet print accuracy of up to +/- 15μm at 6σ. This makes the Edison a market leading solution for high volume, high precision automotive or smart device manufacturing jobs. All of MPM's innovative options can be integrated into the model.

- 8 micron positioning accuracy
- 15 micron print accuracy (wet print, >2 Cpk @ 6σ)
- 15 seconds cycle time including stencilling
- 39 mm thin digital up/down camera
- Checking the positioning point while moving (Camera on the fly)
- Ultra-fast vacuum wet and dry stencil wiping
- Adjustable stencil width (23″ - 29″)
- New ergonomic design with easy access to work space and front electric cabinet


  • Panel size: min 50 x 50 mm max 450 x 350 mm
  • Panel thickness: 0.2 mm to 6.0 m
  • Maximum bottom part size: 25.4 mm
  • Printable area: 450 mm x 350 mm
  • Max print speed: 305 mm/sec
  • Max stencil size: 737 mm x 737 mm
  • Edgeloc™ Y-directional panel attachment
  • Feedback of SPI offsets
  • PrinTrack - Complete traceability system
  • External intervention in printer operation via OpenApp open software
  • Industry 4.0 compliant free source editable interface for connectivity to any MES system
  • EnclosedFlow closed printhead - less solder paste used
  • Paste height and paste temperature measurement
  • Three-conveyor staged configuration for shorter cycle times
  • EdgeLoc

    Lateral panel attachment

  • Auto pin placement option

    Automatic allocation of panel support is possible.

  • UltraWipe stencil removal

  • Paste dispenser

    Automatic paste dispenser option.

  • ClosedFlow head

    Sealed print head, minimised material consumption

  • RapidView 2D inspection

    Integrated 2D verification after printing

  • Pasta height sensor

    Continuous measurement of pre-cut paste is possible.


Introducing MPM Edison

MPM's next generation printer that combines speed and accuracy to meet the most modern automotive requirements.

EdgeLoc side panel attachment

EdgeLoc uses software-controlled pressure control for optimum panel gripping and automatically adapts to the thickness of the PCB.

Paste redispenser option

In addition to automatic paste height measurement, an automatic paste dispenser is also available for the Edison.

Ultra thin positioning camera system

The 'POE' (Power Over Ethernet) camera, which, even with its axis system, is only 39 mm wide and can capture a field of view (FOV) of up to 9.7 mm x 6.0 mm.

Edison at work

Outstanding print accuracy up to +/- 15 microns (wet print, >2 Cpk @ 6σ)