Momentum II

The reliable Momentum printer with new features and a new cover: the renewed Momentum II series. MPM is the world leader in high-speed, high-precision solder paste stencil printing equipment. Momentum equipment can be configured to meet a wide variety of needs, with models that differ from the basic machine in speed, enclosure size and panel handling capabilities. The most advanced printer options are also available.

- 17 micron accuracy (wet print, >2 Cpk @ 6σ)
- Cycle time up to 6 seconds
- Digital up/down camera
- Vacuum, wet and dry stencil wiping
- Built-in adjustable width stencil holder (23″ - 29″)
- Support positioning software
- Automatic spike support displacement hardware (max. 48 pins)
- Camera monitoring the position of the underrun

- Panel size: min 50.8 mm x 50.8 mm max 609.6 mm x 508 mm
- Panel thickness: 0,2 - 6 mm
- Maximum bottom part size: 12.7 mm (optional 25.4 mm)
- Printable area: 609.6 mm x 508 mm
- Print speed: 305 mm/sec
- Delay force: 0-200 N
- Stencil size: max: 737 mm x 737 mm

- Edgeloc™ Y-directional panel attachment
- RapidView 2D solder print verification
(with paste-bridge recognition)
- Check for stencil incompleteness
- Feedback of SPI offsets
- PrinTrack - Complete traceability system
- OpenApp via open external software
interference with the operation of the printer
- Camalot Inside glue or paste dispenser for
in print
- EnclosedFlow closed printhead
- Paste height and paste temperature measurement
- Three-conveyor staged configuration for shorter cycle times

  • MOM II - EdgeLoc II

  • MOM II - Paste Temperature Monitor

  • MOM II Elite - Triple Track

  • Pasta height sensor

    Continuous measurement of pre-cut paste is possible.

  • RapidView 2D inspection

    Integrated 2D verification after printing

  • UltraWipe stencil removal

  • ClosedFlow head

    Sealed print head, minimised material consumption

  • Auto pin placement option

    Automatic allocation of panel support is possible.

  • Camalot inside

    Paste and or glue dispensing head can be integrated into the equipment.

  • Large PCB printing option


EnClosed Flow, the closed printhead

Patented technology up to 50% for less paste consumption.

Auto Tooling store

Automatic support allocation system for quick changeovers without human intervention

RapidView Insepction

Positioning camera also capable of 2D optical inspection!

Camalot Inside

Integrated solder paste and SMT adhesive dispenser option, with Camalot technology


Unique side-panel loading for best paste transfer efficiency and print quality

Adjustable stencilt lock

The built-in adjustable width stencil holder can handle stencils from 23" to 29", so no extra accessories are needed to use existing stencils.