Uniprint manual printers

For small batches and prototyping, PBT's manual stencil printer, Uniprint, is an excellent solution. It can print solder paste, adhesive, thermal paste or even ink. The Uniprint has X,Y and theta alignment for perfect pad positioning. An adjustable pneumatic lift option is responsible for precise stencil separation.

  • Panel size: up to 450 x 450 mm and up to 300 mm height
  • Printable area: from 290 x 265 mm to 390 x 355 mm
  • Metal or plastic PBT knife set
  • Delay force: 10-50 N
  • Smallest printable part: 01005 (0402 metric) chip
  • Stencil size: from 220 x 310 x 18 mm to 415 x 500 x 33 mm
  • Pneumatic, precise separation at 1-6 mm/s
  • Precision manual adjustment: X, Y +/- 6mm +/- 2,5°
  • Multiple panel support types (magnetic table with pins or vacuum suction cups , vacuum table or sliders)
  • Multiple stencil engagement up to quick lock
  • Stencil tensioner
  • Mailard film for proof printing
  • Magnetic table

    Universal PCB mounting with spike or vacuum support

  • Slip clamping

  • Stencil tensioning frame


Uniprint stencil printer

Accurate and robust manual printer for stencil printing with solder paste or glue.