V|tome|x S

The v|tome|x s is a versatile and high-resolution system for 2D X-ray examinations, 3D computed tomography (micro and nano CT) and 3D metrology.

For even greater versatility, the v|tome|x s can be equipped with a 180kW/15W high power nanofocus X-ray tube in addition to the 240 kV/320W microfocus tube. Thanks to this unique combination, the CT system is an efficient and reliable tool with a wide range of applications, covering everything from high-resolution modelling to 3D analysis of high-absorption samples.

  • Microfocus direct, cooled, openable X-ray tube
  • Long filament life
  • High resolution, temperature stabilised detector
  • 5-axis movement system on granite bed (X,Y,Z, rotation, detector shift)
  • Testing of electronics, castings, injection moulded, welded products
  • 3D Metrology software package for precision and reproducible measurements with a user-friendly interface
  • Up to twice as fast microCT modelling or twice the resolution with the new GE high-flux using target
  • Automatic generation of test reports
  • Dual X-ray tube design (180kV/15W nanofocus and 240kV/320W microfocus openable tubes)
  • Up to ten times longer cathode life long-life cathode, which ensures long-term stability and efficient operation
  • Up to twice as fast data capture with unchanged image quality and a diamond exit window (diamond|target)
  • Optional offset|scan and helix|scan options for even wider usability
  • Fast CT data acquisition and high-resolution live images with the actively cooled GE DXR digital detector at up to 30 fps (optional)
  • Geology

    Material science analysis of rock samples, minerals is feasible

  • Material testing

    Testing inhomogeneities, air barriers, particles, sponge structures, composites, fibre reinforced materials

  • Metrology, CAD comparison

  • MEMS



    Scanning of complete products possible

  • VGStudio MAX software

    for high-level evaluation of CT scans

  • Direct X-ray tube

    High performance and resolution in one, interchangeable filament