The GE Phoenix xIaminer X-ray machine is specifically designed for high-resolution 2D inspection of electronic components, electronic circuits and small foundry products. The machine requires low investment and operating costs. The X-ray machine is equipped with a 160 kV, 20 W, infinite life, openable microfocus X-ray tube. And the CMOS Flatpanel detector provides high resolution excellent image quality for easy and efficient flaw detection. The phoenix x|act software provides automated inspection capabilities and a user-friendly interface for 2D applications.

- 2D X-ray
- 160 kV / 20W tube power
- Open microfocus tube, infinite tube life
- Transmission pipehead
- High speed CMOS Flat panel digital detector
- High-precision 5-axis (X, Y, Z, rotation and decision) CNC motion system
- Max. 1 μm detection capability
- Phoenix x-act testing and analysis software
- Anti-collision sensor
- Compact size
- Testable sample size: max 410 x 410 mm, 5 kg

  • Pipe voltage: 10-160 kV
  • Tube current: 5-800 µA
  • Target: Tungsten on Aluminium (0.3 mm)
  • Total magnification: up to 23.320x
  • Detection limit: up to 0.5 µm
  • Test table size: 510 x 510 mm²
  • Equipment dimensions: 1800 mm x 1985 mm x 1430 mm

-Automated sample map even within the sample
-Collision protection to protect equipment and samples
-70° product tilt and 360° rotation
-Laser positioning
-Flash! Filters™ image processing enhancement algorithms, easier and more effective detection of errors

  • Transmission X-ray technology principle

    Non-destructive testing for troubleshooting and quality control

  • Flash filter

    Confirmation algorithms for more efficient debugging.



Double confirmation option for more accurate error identification.