V|tome|x C

The phoenix Vtomex C is a compact, small footprint 450kV CT machine specifically designed for foundry testing and quality assurance laboratory tasks.
The equipment is characterised by low maintenance requirements and production-oriented design, for example, solutions that ensure easy replacement of the sample. Furthermore, the "one-button" automated CT option is also available for high productivity industrial quality assurance.

The world's first industrial CT machine equipped with GE's patented scatter|correct optionval,
which is a great help for perfect and noise-free inspection of thick and high-density samples.

This technology greatly shortens CT scan times compared to line detector scans, while maintaining the same image quality.

Available within the high-speed configuration quick|pick manipulator system allows fully automated CT scans even for larger sample numbers.

High-performance macrofocus closed bipolar X-ray tube
-High resolution, temperature stabilised Dynamic 41 detector
-Line detector
-2 or 3-axis manipulation system on granite bed
-Equipment for testing high power casting applications

-X-ray tube: closed, ISOVOLT 450 M2/0.4-1.0HP
-Max detection capability 100 µm
-Max sample size: diameter 500mm height 1000 mm
-Max sample weight 50 kg
Manipulation system on 2 or 3 axis granite bed
-Fitting dimensions: 2,310 mm x 2,750 mm x 2,870 mm 15000 kg

  • Dynamic41 detector

  • quick pick manipulator

  • Swirl test

  • Scatter|correction image quality



Presentation of the equipment

Vtomex C presentation

Presentation of the equipment