Inspection Xpress

Inspection Xpress (FAI)

First Article Inspection (FAI)

Inspection Xpress FAI's first product inspection solution essentially replaces the current checklist-based planting inspection, or visual inspection of the first product under a microscope.


The patented technology used in Inspection Xpress allows the positions of the reference position and the positions of the parts to be inspected with the same product code to be displayed in polarity on a single screen, making the result transparent and facilitating the evaluation. The images at the bottom of the page help to make it easier to understand.


With the system, it is not only possible to check the positions planted, their existence, their quality. It also allows you to check positions that you do not want to plant, and to check the entire product surface for mismatched objects.


  • Comparison by CAD rack
  • Assembly drawing comparison
  • Comparison based on scanned start
  • a quick check of all planted positions
  • testing of non-planted positions
  • panel surface testing
  • Automatic report generation in PDF, XML formats with product picture, error list
  • A3 Scanner
  • Max resolution 2400X 4800 dpi
  • Scanning area: 430mm * 310mm
  • Centre of gravity gripping system for better mapping
  • CAD input processors
  • Placment file preprocessor
  • Scanner HW
  • INX SW + HW

  • MInta 1

  • Sample 3

  • Sample 2


Inspection Xpress by Accelonix

Inspection Xpress in action