A computed tomograph designed primarily for scientific and industrial applications requiring high resolution. Typical applications are materials science, precision injection moulding, geology, biomechanics or micromechanics. For detailed analysis of scanned data, the  Volume Graphics software-provide a suitable tool for the analyst.

-Extremely high image quality thanks to the temperature-stabilized, wide dynamic contrast range (10.000:1) detector
-180kV / 20W nanofocus tube
-Detectability up to 200nm
-Sample size: up to 240 mm diameter, max. 3 kg

  • Pipe power: 180kV/20W
  • Cooled, dynamic GE DXR detector (3072 x 2400 pixels)
  • Granite table
  • Target: tungsten or diamond
  • Detection limit: up to 200 nm
  • Sample size: up to 240 mm diameter
  • Equipment size: Nanotom S 1,630 mmx1,432 mm x 740 mm; Nanotom M 1,980 mm x 1,600 mm x 925 mm

helix|scan: for scanning longer samples
-metrology package: temperature-stabilised cabin, motion system on an impact-resistant granite bed, high-precision measuring system
-Diamond window option

  • USB drive

    Scanning of complete products is possible.

  • Sensor

    High resolution 3D inspection of microelectronic assemblies.

  • Bonded joint

    Up to micro-wire bonding control.

  • Micromechanics

  • Geology

    Material science analysis of medium samples, minerals is feasible.


Testing with Nanotom

Learn how to perform automated high-resolution CT scans with Nanotom.

Pendrive close up

Extra high-resolution 3D scanning and imaging from GE!