V|tome|x M

Versatile, high-performance, industrial, microfocus CT equipment for metrology and flaw detection tasks, non-destructive material testing. The machine is also available with dual tube option, making it suitable for high wall thickness and high-resolution specimens. The X-ray tube, the associated high-voltage generator and the detector are all developed in-house. Using VG Studio software, CT scan data can be mapped and analysed in detail. The equipment is ideal for the analysis of complete electronic assemblies, castings or scientific samples.

-Microfocus direct, cooled, openable X-ray tube
-Long filament life
-High resolution, temperature stabilised Dynamic 41 detector
-5 axis motion system on granite bed (X,Y,Z, rotation, detector shift)
-Testing of electronics, castings, injection moulded and welded products

-300kV / 500W Microfocus direct, cooled, openable, high power X-ray tube
-Detectability: 1,5 um
-180kV / 20W Nanofocus transmission X-ray tube with diamond target
-Detectability: 0,6 um
-Max. sample sizes: 500 x 600 mm, 50 kg (20kg for air bearing)
-5 axis motion system on granite bed (X,Y,Z, rotation, detector shift)
-Equipment dimensions: 2,620 mm x 2,060 mm x 2,980 mm, max. 8600kg (option dependent)

-Dual-tube option: 2. 180kV nanofocus X-ray tube
-Metrological packages: air bearing, calibrated measurement
-Scatter|correction: minimises noise when testing thick castings
High-flux target: faster scanning, better resolution
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Volume Graphics software package for visualisation, analyses, simulations

  • v|tome|x M

    Resolution and performance in one machine.

  • Directional pipe

    High performance and high resolution with endless uptime.

  • Metrology

    Compare sample sizes with CAD data.

  • Airflow obstruction analysis

    Detection and sizing of inclusions in the mould.

  • VG Studio software

    For image reconstruction and analysis of scanned data.

  • Sensor

    High resolution 3D inspection of microelectronic assemblies.

  • Bonded joint

    Up to micro-wire bonding control.

  • USB drive

    Scanning of complete products is possible.

  • Material testing

    Testing inhomogeneous materials, composites.

  • Micromechanics

  • Geology

    Material science analysis of medium samples, minerals is feasible.



High-resolution CT scanning can also measure the internal dimensions of the parts in a short inspection time.

Pendrive from the inside.

Exceptional resolution with the combination of GE CT technology and Volume Graphics image reconstruction and analysis software.

GE CT technology

High-resolution, non-destructive testing technology helps you achieve higher quality and productivity.

Dynamic41 detector

High resolution digital detector