V|tome|x L450

The phoenix Vtomex L450 is a versatile X-ray system for both 2D and CT mini-focus. Thanks to its granite bed manipulation system, it is ideally suited for the detection of porosity and cracks in castings, as well as for 3D metrology, such as first pattern measurement. With the optional 300 kV microfocus X-ray tube, the equipment is perfectly suited to serve any industrial application, such as electronics, and scientific research requiring high-resolution CT technology.

High-performance macrofocus closed bipolar X-ray tube
High-performance microfocus open direct X-ray tube
-Long filament life
-High resolution, temperature stabilised Dynamic 41 detector
-Line detector
-Virtual detector extension
-8 axis manipulation system on granite bed
-Equipment for both high-resolution and thick samples

-450kV/1500 W bipolar macrofocus closed X-ray tube specially optimised for CT scans
-extended cathode lifetime, ensuring long-term stability, available with Long-life filament, an option for longer and more economical lifetime
-300kV/500 W openable microfocus X-ray tube with longlife filament
-Detection capability 2 µm
-Max sample size: max diameter 1300 mm, max height 2000 mm
-Max sample weight: 100 kg
-8 axis manipulation system on granite bed

-Metrological package for precise measurements requiring extreme accuracy and repeatability
-Optional ofset|scan and helix|scan software options for highly flexible CT scans
-Virtual detector extension
-Custom software options for user-friendly and improved testing
click&measure CT option, which provides fully automated CT scanning combined with the high accuracy and repeatability already mentioned.

  • X-ray tubes

  • X-ray tubes

  • X-ray tubes

  • Moving system

  • Geology

    Material science analysis of rock samples, minerals is feasible

  • Material testing

    Testing inhomogeneities, air barriers, particles, sponge structures, composites, fibre reinforced materials

  • Metrology, CAD comparison

  • MEMS



    Scanning of complete products possible

  • VGStudio MAX software

    for high-level evaluation of CT scans