SMT Technologies

selective rider

A replacement instrument designed to test any selective soldering machine condition. With Selective Rider, you can collect repeatable data on key machine and process parameters to ensure production stability and reliability.

The single-headed solution has been switched to another level. This Premium SMT embedding machine is capable of embedding almost any range of components from the smallest to odd-shaped components with a single embedding head. Due to its productivity and versatility, it is the most suitable solution from high mix to low volume production to high volume serial production.

Yamaha YSM20 planter

The flagship of the Yamaha pick and place portfolio is the YSM series. Among them, the YSM20R transplanters combine speed and versatility of transplanting thanks to high feeder and tray placement and multiple transplant heads. With its large working envelope, the YSM20RW model is an excellent solution for particularly large applications such as LED.

The reliable Momentum printer with new features and a new cover: the renewed Momentum II series. MPM is the world leader in high-speed, high-precision solder paste stencil printing equipment. Momentum equipment can be configured to meet a wide variety of needs, with models that differ from the basic machine in speed, enclosure size and panel handling capabilities. The most advanced printer options are also available.

MPM's innovative next generation printer platform breaks all records for both print accuracy and speed. This makes Edison the market leading solution for high volume, high precision production jobs. All MPM's innovative options can be integrated into the model.

Yamaha Sigma production line G5S / F8S

Yamaha completes its portfolio with the Sigma series, developed in Japan but formerly known as Hitachi. Similar to the YSM20R, it is designed for high mix and/or high volume production without compromise.

From our wide range of transplanters, this is our entry-level machine, which differs from its big brothers in price and speed. It is equal in quality, reliability, accuracy and usability.

Thanks to the new IsoThermal heating zones, Electrovert reheating furnaces produce extremely precise heat transfer. Combined with the rail heating option, DeltaT of up to 1.5 °C can be achieved over the full 508 mm furnace width. The OmniES sub-type also offers an economical solution for projects with smaller investment budgets.

For small production runs and prototyping, PBT's manual printers are an excellent solution for solder paste, glue or ink printing.

The GO family of motorised semi-automatic stencil printers is an excellent desktop solution for small to medium volume precision printing thanks to its adjustable print speed, knife width and separation and camera-assisted positioning.

Designed for small and medium sized manufacturing companies, this flexible, fully automatic offline paste printing station is the perfect solution for today's printing requirements. It features an automatic positioning system with camera and a built-in stencil wiping solution.

Nutek's panel handling solutions are widely used in the electronics industry, including both SMT and semiconductor manufacturing, thanks to their robust design and reliable operation. Panel feeders, panel conveyors, panel storage, barcode scanners, inspection conveyors, gateways/gates, panel elevators, panel rotators and many other panel handling solutions are available, even customized according to user requirements.

NUTEK also has extensive experience in laser marking and laser label engraving. In addition to traditional CO2 laser solutions, they have developed special technologies such as the label implantation and laser engraving combo unit. This enables the same equipment to apply labels in places where laser application would not otherwise be possible. Their laser engraver can be used as a production line and as a separate station [...]

Equipment designed for high precision label application, where the label is applied to the product or part. The head is moved by an X-Y motion system between the printer and the product. Magnetically lockable supports aid quality application.