dospl piston dispensers

The revolutionary new dispensing head family consists of two models, the DPL2001 optimized for small quantities and the DP2001 developed for high-speed dispensing.

Aerojet dispensing head

With jet technology, there is no need for the dispensing needle to contact the surface, resulting in faster and more stable dispensing. Musashi's wide range of jet dispensing heads can dispense varnishes, underfills, greases, solder pastes and adhesives.

MPP piston dispensing head

Volumetric dispensing head for always accurate dispensed volumes up to sub-microlitre ranges for thermoplastics, adhesives or pouring agents. The piston dispensing head can be used in a wide range of viscosities and thanks to its wear-resistant design, it requires little maintenance.

Camalot Prodigy

The Camalot Prodigy dispenser is designed for high-speed and highly accurate inline dispensing tasks. With linear motors capable of up to 1.5 G acceleration and a revolutionary range of pumps, it is the market leader in small and medium dispensing technology. 

This Scheugenpflug material feeder family is an entry-level category in the world of automated feeding. Ideal for applications where material mixing is not necessary and material consumption is low. Its most popular model, the A90C, can be connected to any tube on the market, based on the piston principle, ensuring the correct material pressure to the dispensing head.

The best dispensing system is worth nothing without a quality dispensing needle. Musashi offers proprietary dispensing accessories for Musashi or other dispensers. Available in metal or plastic, straight or conical dispensing needles in various sizes to fit any dispensing task. In addition to quality, we have the advantage of being able to supply Musashi needles from stock at competitive prices and short delivery times.

LiquiPrep (LP804), the improved successor of A310, is suitable for the preparation of low viscosity, self-leveling and potting materials, fully homogeneous and bubble-free. The diaphragm feed pumps provide uniform and accurate material transfer with even lower maintenance requirements.

Scheugenpflug is the market leader in potting solutions from prototyping to inline mass production. This process provides excellent, bubble-free, homogeneous dispensing quality for filling coils, sensors or motors with self-spreading materials.

Musashi tubes made in Japan are polished from the inside to ensure the piston moves as smoothly as possible without any obstruction. They are now available in 1 to 100 ml packs, in either ESD or UV protected versions. Musashi tube plunger versions are suitable for different viscosities to achieve the most accurate dispensing and less material loss. Parts available from stock with fast delivery!

Scheugenpflug DosP piston volumetric dosing heads are capable of handling both 1 and 2 component materials. Maximum mixing ratio and dispensed volume are ensured, as the pistons are driven by a common pressure plate and the mixing ratio is determined by the piston diameter. The two components only meet in a static mixing shaft, thus minimising unwanted material reaction and the amount of consumable wear parts.

This gear pump based dispensing head is an excellent solution for continuous and accurate dispensing of high viscosity, non-abrasive, non-filled materials such as silicone gaskets. And its two-component version is ideal for applying two-component adhesives commonly used in the automotive industry.

This Scheugenpflug material preparation unit simultaneously prepares, maintains the correct quality and transports the material to the feed head. It is the ideal solution for airtight or heated storage of moisture-sensitive materials (polyurethanes), for de-bubbling or for homogenisation of filled materials that are prone to separation.

Solution for bucket materials These machines are the ideal solution for high viscosity bucket packaging materials with up to 1 or 2 components. Thanks to this unique Scheugenpflug pressure plate design, bucket change and deaeration is automatic in less than 5 minutes. For non-abrasive materials the A220 is the ideal choice while for highly abrasive filled materials the A280 is the ideal choice.