MohnoMaster progressive cavitation dispensing head

Continuous, even and fast dosing

Musashi's latest dispensing head is ideal for continuous and even dispensing. The head works on the volumetric principle, with the material being transferred in the cavities between the stator and rotor as a constant volume. This means that the dosing volume is always constant regardless of changes in temperature or inlet pressure. MohnoMaster is excellent for bonding, sealing or potting applications.

  • Continuous and even dosing
  • Volume-based operation, always accurate output regardless of inlet pressure, viscosity and temperature
  • Ideal for sealing, bonding and potting
  • 2-component version also available
  • Up to 1.7 ml/sec dosing rate available
  • Can be connected to a tube, cartridge or bucket dispenser
  • MohnoMaster ideal for desktop robots, integrated into an automatic cell or even a robot arm
  • Sealing

    Ideal even for applying complex sealing contours

  • Robot arm applications

    For dispensing complex patterns, our MohnoMaster dispensing head can be easily mounted on a robot arm

  • DualMaster

    Variant for two-component materials

  • Potting

    Also for filling with two-component materials



Continuous, even and fast dosing


Apply filler to any contour