Camalot Prodigy

Camalot Prodigy

Speed, stability, accuracy

Camalot Prodigy is a completely new platform that incorporates many of the leading features of the FX-D and XyflexPro systems.
A Prodigy is faster, more accurate, takes up less space and is designed for high-speed and highly accurate inline dispensing tasks.


With linear motors capable of up to 1.5 G acceleration and a revolutionary range of pumps, it is the market leader in small and medium dispensing technology.
Prodigy is suitable for a variety of application techniques, from solder paste to backfilling, adhesive dispensing and advanced "Jet" techniques.



- For dispensing moulding compound, adhesive, underfill materials
- 35 micron accuracy at 3σ at full speed
- For feeding panels up to 900 mm wide
- Table and pump heating for stability of underfill processes
- Use two separate heads at the same time, even with different materials
- DDH (Dual Dynamic Head) for non-fixed, dual-head dosing
- Camera controlled positioning for maximum accuracy
- Laser height sensor for correct dosing height

- Maximum dispensing area: 440 x 558 mm
- Maximum bottom part size: 30.5 mm
- Up to 50 000 DPH (dots per hour)
- Also available in dual conveyer design
- Maximum dispensing table temperature: 130 C

- Screw dosing pumps for small and medium volumes (635 SD, 680 SD)
- NuJet pump with maximum speed of 300 Hz
- DDH (Dual Dynamic Head) for 28 - 140 mm pitch feeds
- Infrared temperature sensor for accurate dosing environment
- Built-in balance for stable processes
- Cooling cleaning and detection hardware

  • Camalot Prodigy Single Lane

  • prodigy dual lane

  • NuJet pump

  • Camalot NuJet DDH

  • camalot ddh

    Camalot Dual Dynamic Head with NuJet pumps

  • IR temperature meter

  • NanoShot pump


Camalot dispenser

The Camalot Prodigy debut video,

Nujet and DDH debut video

Nujet dosing pump and DDH (Dual Dynamic Head) - video showing a dual dynamic pump, an indispensable solution for variable dispensing.

Dual 635 dosing

Double-head 635 SD (Servo Drive) screw dispenser for dispensing medium quantities.

635 pump for high-speed dosing

The 635 SD (Servo Drive) screw pump is also suitable for high-speed, low-volume dosing.

Dual head correction

Thanks to the revolutionary DDH (Dual Dynamic Head) design, variable pitch tasks can be easily solved.

Nanoshot pump presentation

The Nanoshot pump can also be used for micro-dosing. Dispensing on a 0402 part should not be a problem.

Nanoshot pump for underfill dosing

The Nanoshot pump is also perfectly suited for underfill dosing tasks thanks to its extremely low dosing volume.