DosGP dispensing head

Continuous and even contours

This gear pump based dispensing head is an excellent solution for continuous and accurate dispensing of high viscosity, non-abrasive, non-filled materials such as silicone gaskets. And its two-component version is ideal for applying two-component adhesives commonly used in the automotive industry. The gears on the dispensing head ensure accurate, volume-based dispensing. The DosGP dispensing head Scheugenpflug with shaft system can be combined to feed products with complex geometries.

  • continuous dosing of 1 and 2 component materials, even in large quantities
  • Dispensing of complex, up to three-dimensional seals
  • Precise volume-based dispensing provided by the gearwheel pitch circle
  • Flushing fluid level control glass
  • Pneumatically controlled valves
  • Simple and economical maintenance
  • Tilting dispensing head
  • Different sizes for different dosage volumes
  • Material surrender can be arranged from tube or from bucket both

Weight (kg):                                    5,8

Width (mm):                       167

Height (mm): 400

Depth (mm):                          129

  • Head for two-component materials
  • Tilting dispensing head for gluing parts, for example
  • GP 2C

    Dispensing head also for two-component materials

  • Continuous dosing

    Precise gasketing for a steady continuous flow of material.

  • Gear pump principle

    Volumetric dosing


Anti-vibration silicone dispensing

In automotive applications where electronics are subject to significant vibration, the application of anti-vibration silicone fixings is essential.

Composite seal application

Proper sealing of sensitive, outdoor electronic modules (e.g. automotive) is essential to protect them from the elements.

Two-component silicone dosing

The double gear pump dispensing head can dispense two-component silicones, which makes production much more economical than the single-component version.