X-RAY (CT, 2D, 3D)



We have been representing GE Sensing&Inspection Technologies Phoenix|X-ray products in Hungary since 2002. We have two engineers and one technician for project management, technical and application support. A permanent stock of spare parts is available for our customers. From E-LAB-at more GE X-ray equipment.


Phoenix|x-ray Systems + Services GmbH was founded in 1999. They develop and manufacture micro- and nano-focus X-ray equipment, specialising specifically in electronic industrial applications. In the space of a few years, several Phoenix|X-ray subsidiaries have been established in America, Europe and the Far East. In 2007, it was acquired by GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies and, thanks to the developments that have taken place since then, has become an internationally leading manufacturer of X-ray equipment in the fields of CT (Computer Tomography), microelectronics and materials testing.


Featured products:




GE phoenix x|aminer is an X-ray machine specifically designed for high-resolution 2D inspection of electronic components and circuits.


  • X-ray tube: 160 kV, 20 W, microfocus openable tube.
  • 5-axis manipulation system, rotary tray, detector tilting up to 70°, CNC control.
  • Maximum sample size: 410mm x 410 mm, 5kg.
  • Detector: 16 bits 2 megapixels.




GE's phoenix nanome|x X-ray system is suitable for high-resolution 2D and optionally 3D inspection of electronic components and electronic circuits.


  • X-ray tube: 180 kV 15 W nanofocus openable tube with optional diamond window.
  • 5-axis manipulation system, rotary tray, detector tilted up to 70°, CNC, optional CT unit.
  • Maximum sample size: (2D) : 472mm x 366mm, 5kg.
  • Detector: 16-bit 2 Megapixel, optional GE DXR, digital detector.


v|tome|x m


The GE phoenix v|tome|x m is an X-ray system designed for high-precision 3D scanning (CT), even for precision inspection of large wall thicknesses.

Uniquely, the equipment can be equipped with two X-ray tubes: an openable microfocus X-ray tube with a cooled design, 240kV/320W or 300kV/500W on the direct side, and an openable nanofocus X-ray tube with a 15 W power of 180 kV on the transmission side, optionally with a diamond window.


  • 5-axis manipulation system on granite bed (X,Y,Z,R) + Detector shift
  • Optional air bearing rotary unit for high accuracy measurements.
  • Maximum sample size: D300mm × H600mm, max. 50kg.
  • GE DXR250RT digital detector, 200 x 200 mm area, 30 fps update.
  • Optional DXR 250 digital detector (16", 400 × 400 mm area, 4Mpixel, 200µm pixel size).


Details and more equipment on the manufacturer's website: http://www.ge-mcs.com/en/phoenix-xray.html