We have been distributing and supporting various types of Takaya Flying Probe since 2005. As with all the products we represent, we provide full support for Takaya machines, including service, spare parts and engineering support (test programming and debugging).


The Industrial Equipment Division of the Takaya Group, part of the Japanese Itochu company Itochu, started manufacturing circuit test equipment in 1983, which at that time was still a needle-bed ICT test equipment. The first Flying Probe equipment was produced in 1987, so Takaya has more than 15 years of experience in the field of needle-bedless moving probe test equipment. Its European headquarters are located in Germany and its products are known worldwide.

The main features of the equipment are accuracy and reliability. We recommend it primarily for testing/verification/measurement of small and medium volume products and for prototype testing ( NPI ), but it can also play an important role in mass production for testing with sampling and higher test coverage.


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  • MDA measurements
  • 4 upper side 2 lower side moving needles
  • High test coverage
  • Precise movement system (needle contact with < 50um repeatability)
  • Up to 0.03 sec/test step speed
  • SMEMA compatible
  • Optical inspection
  • Optional Power-on and Functional test


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