ELAS Ltd. has more than ten years of experience in AOI/SPI technology and currently has more than 40 installations sold nationwide, mainly in automotive applications. Our two engineering colleagues are dedicated to project management and high level technical support and service. A permanent stock of spare parts is available to our customers at our Budapest site. We started to represent MIRTEC in Hungary in 2013.


MIRTEC has been developing and marketing optical test equipment and testers since 2000. With subsidiaries in Europe, the US, China and Korea, and a worldwide network of distributors, MIRTEC supports its customers in the SMT and LED manufacturing industries. With its innovative technology solutions, MIRTEC has risen to the forefront of test equipment, with thousands of MIRTEC systems in operation worldwide. It has won numerous prestigious technology awards.


Featured products:




High-end 2D-3D In-line AOI. Winner of the 2011 and 2012 Global Technology Award.


  • Unique 15 MP ISIS telecentric top camera system
  • Configurable resolution and FOV (39.04mm×39.04mm FOV @ 10μm; 58.56mm×58.56mm FOV @ 15μm)
  • 4×10 MP side cameras
  • Special 'Six phase' lighting: WBGYRW
  • 3D imaging and measurement with unique OMNI-VISION technology
  • Intelli-Scan 3D laser height measurement (option)
  • PCB size: 50mm×50mm - 660mm×610mm





Reflow post High-end In-line AOI.


  • 5/10 MP ISIS telecentric top camera system
  • Many FOV size and resolution options
  • 4×5MP or 10MP side cameras
  • Intelli-Scan 3D laser height measurement (option)
  • Dual lane and Dual head option
  • PCB size: 50mm×50mm - 660mm×610mm





Source paste inspection In-line equipment (SPI) for controlling the stencil printing process.


  • Shadowless - Moiré 3D imaging
  • 15 MP ISIS camera system
  • FOV: 77.7mm×77.7mm - 20μm resolution (x,y),
  • FOV: 38.8mm×38.8mm - 10μm resolution (x,y)
  • Resolution in Z direction: 2μm
  • ±2% Volume measurement repeatability
  • ±1% Altitude repeatability
  • PCB size: 50mm×50mm - 660mm×610mm


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