Glenbrook Technologies Inc. was founded in 1983. It is engaged in the development and manufacture of 2D X-ray equipment for small and medium real-time inspection. These are suitable for the inspection of electronic components, assemblies and single or multilayer printed circuit boards. In the more than 30 years since its foundation, more than 1500 customers in 40 countries have used Glenbrook's technology.

Featured products:

JewelBox 70T

Part of the Glenbrook JewelBox series, it is suitable for testing internal solder joints and bonding on BGAs, micro BGAs, flip-chips, ICs and other complex electronic components.

  • Pipe voltage: 80kV
  • Pipe current: 100 microamps
  • 5-axis manipulation system: 360° rotation, 45° decision and X, Y, Z direction DC motor movement.
  • Focal spot: 10 micrometres
  • 500 times geometric magnification
  • GTI 5000 image processing software







The Glenbrook RTX-113HV X-ray system is also suitable for real-time inspection of the latest BGAs thanks to increased tube power compared to its predecessor.


  • Pipe voltage: 70 kV.
  • Tube current: 20-50 microamps
  • Focus spot: 0.2 mm

Scope for expansion:

o GTI 5000 image processing software

o MicroTech 10 micron beam source (for up to 225X magnification, allowing inspection of BGAs, micro BGAs, flip-chips, ICs and other components on multilayer printed circuit boards)

o 2 axis motion system (X-Y)