In 2010 ELAS Ltd. further expanded its long-established range of testing products with the Cluso First Article Inspection (FAI) tester (this process is called differently from manufacturer to manufacturer, e.g. first piece off, sticky board, etc.) The product is supported by two experienced engineers.


The development of Cluso's technology and the founding of the company was based on the manufacturing experience of an Australian EMS company, when in 2000 it was recognised that automating manual engineering product inspection could significantly reduce manufacturing costs, with time and quality improvements gained. This technology is an added value for all OEM and EMS manufacturers. Cluso's equipment is at the forefront of FAI products.


Cluso is a recognised testing tool both worldwide and in Hungary, used by many of our major customers, shortening costly downtime between changeovers and improving quality by eliminating the possibility of human error. The equipment functions as an industrial A3 scanner with software developed specifically for this process. The product should not be confused with AOI equipment and is not a substitute for it. A demonstration piece of the equipment is available for testing E-LAB-in our.


A 301 EH


  • Max. test area: 295mm X 420mm
  • Max. panel size: 400mm X 550mm
  • Smallest part size (chip) to be tested: 0201
  • Max. part height: 50mm
  • Maximum number of samples that can be stored depends on the capacity of the back-up storage
  • Power supply requirement: 110-240VAC
  • Scanner weight: 25 kg
  • Scenner dimensions: 720mm(W) X 500mm(D)X 310mm(H)


Manufacturer's website: http://www.cluso.com.au/


FAI (First Article Inspection) : first article inspection.