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Market leading high resolution, high performance X-ray, CT equipment for industrial non-destructive testing and research

The Phoenix Micromex and Nanomex neo X-ray systems are designed for high-resolution 2D and optionally 3D inspection of electronic components and electronic circuits. High resolution inspection of small components
For CT scanning, the device can be upgraded with hardware, and for the rapid scanning of complex multi-layer panels, the planarCT option is available as a software add-on. The high-performance nanofocus® tube can be used for applications ranging from sub-micron resolution to high-intensity applications.

The v|tome|x s is a versatile, high-resolution system for 3D computed tomography (micro and nano CT), 3D metrology and 2D X-ray examinations. It can be equipped with a second nanofocus X-ray tube in addition to the microfocus tube. Thanks to this unique combination, the CT system is a powerful and reliable tool covering everything from high-resolution modelling to 3D analysis of high-absorption specimens.

The phoenix Vtomex L450 is a versatile X-ray system for both 2D and CT mini-focus. Thanks to its granite bed manipulation system, it is ideally suited for the detection of porosity and cracks in castings, as well as for 3D metrology, such as first pattern measurement. With the optional 300 kV microfocus X-ray tube, the equipment is perfectly suited to serve any industrial application, such as electronics, and scientific research requiring high-resolution CT technology.

The phoenix Vtomex C is a compact, small footprint 450kV CT machine specifically designed for foundry testing and quality assurance laboratory tasks.
The equipment is characterised by low maintenance requirements and production-oriented design, for example, solutions that ensure easy replacement of the sample. Furthermore, the "one-button" automated CT option is also available for high productivity industrial quality assurance.

CT and 2D X-ray technology allows us to non-destructively inspect electronic circuit components, the condition of solder joints, the quality of conductive strips. Furthermore, it is possible to carry out inclusions inspections, dimensional checks and even comparison with CAD data on aluminium castings and injection moulded parts. The scanned 3D models are inspected and visualised using our proprietary Vg Studio software. The following examples illustrate [...]

Waygate offers a range of hardware and software options to increase quality and reduce inspection time.CT optionDynamic 41 detectorsDiamond|windowhigh-flux|targetLong-life|filamentPlanar CT optionFlash! Filtershelix|scanscatter|correctClick&Measure|CT