Modular wave soldering equipment designed for medium to high volume production environments where fast changeover, stable process characteristics and system reliability are important. The equipment design can be configured according to the type of fluxer (spray and or dropjet) and preheater (infra or convection) required for the task. The machine is also available with full nitrogen tunnel.

The Electrovert Vectra is a medium-volume wave soldering machine with smaller dimensions than the Electra, but without sacrificing quick changeover, stability and reliability. The fluxer and preheater are also fully customisable. The machine is also available with a full nitrogen tunnel.

The most popular offline soldering machine This Pillarhouse offline selective soldering machine is designed for small batch production units where flexibility is the most important factor. While the JADE Pro is equipped with one soldering bath, its Duplex version is equipped with two independent Z-axis moving baths. Duplex thus allows the different solder alloys required for different makes to be changed without the need for expensive and long [...]

Designed with LEAN manufacturing requirements in mind, the flexible HANDEX selective soldering equipment offers high speed at an affordable price. Equipped with the smallest 1.5 mm micro nozzle available on the market, any soldering task can be solved.

The Pillarhouse Synchrodex Inline selective soldering system is fully modular, allowing a high degree of flexibility. Each module is a stand-alone unit, independently configurable and movable. You are free to choose between fluxer only, fluxer and preheater combined, preheater only and soldering modules. This allows flexibility to match the investment to the required yield, maximising the return on investment.

Pillarhouse's entry-level, compact benchtop selective soldering machine is recommended for prototyping, repair and small batch production. The machine offers high flexibility and low investment and running costs.  

Pillarhouse's new generation inline selective soldering platform. It combines low cycle times with the flexibility you are used to, compact machine length and a competitive market price. To achieve the shortest possible cycle times, the equipment can be equipped with up to four sub-stages as fluxer, preheater and two consecutive soldering baths. These can even be of double bath design.

The Pillarhouse Synchrodex Pro is a flexible, in-line, modular selective soldering system, an improved version of the Synchrodex type. Thanks to its modular design, the Synchrodex Pro offers the greatest possible flexibility and speed in the sequencing of equipment on demand.    

CIF VS-500-V

For medium volume production, where inline reflow solutions are not required, vapour phase technology is the right choice. In addition to production, the BGA is also suitable for reflow and adhesive curing tasks.