Pillarhouse's entry-level, compact benchtop selective soldering machine is recommended for prototyping, repair and small batch production. The machine offers high flexibility and low investment and running costs.


  • Compact desktop design
  • Drop Jet fluxer
  • Integrated nitrogen injection
  • Adjustable size PCB frame holder
  • Teaching camera
  • Offline soldering program editing software - PillarPAD
  • Measurement of the height of the source material
  • Nitrogen Generator - Pillargen
  • Max. panel size: 330mm x 250mm
  • Hot tub capacity: 6 kg
  • Nitrogen consumption: 30 litres/minute
  • Required Nitrogen purity: 99.99% or cleaner
  • Required Nitrogen pressure: 5 bar
  • Mains supply: 208-250V, 50/60 Hz, up to 4kVA (with bottom-side infrared preheater)
  • Manual positioning point correction
  • Optional bottom IR preheating
  • 1,5 mm micro nozzle can be used
  • Preheating

    Compact bottom-side preheating

  • Mobile hot tub



Entry-level, economical, desktop selective soldering machine