Electrovert Electra

High performance even for heavy panels


The technology of wave soldering has been at the heart of ELAS since its inception. The Electrovert Electra modular wave soldering system is designed for high-volume production environments where fast changeover, stable process characteristics and system reliability are important. The equipment design can be configured with the type of fluxer and preheater (infra or convection) to suit the task. The machine is also available with full nitrogen tunnel.

  • Lead-free and lead-free soldering
  • High capacity cast iron hot tub
  • Motorised bath movement (up and down, up and down)
  • Program-controlled adjustment of the hot tub height
  • Conveyor capable of carrying up to 45 kg
  • Ensuring easy accessibility
  • Built-in maintenance tool storage
  • Complete for wave soldering lines Nutek conveyor tracks are available with up to palette rebates

Equipment dimensions: 3117 x 1557 x 1727 mm (W x H x D)
Max. processing width: 610 mm
Maximum wave height: 25 mm


  • UltraFill wave generator with extra long contact time
  • DwellMax Plus for soldering high heat-drawn parts or thick products with perfect hole filling
  • Full or partial nitrogen tunnel
  • Up to 1.8 m long infrared or convection preheating modules, in bottom and/or top position
  • Air-atomized, dropjet or ultrasonic atomized servo-controlled flux transfer systems with self-cleaning capability
  • Also application of organic solvent (OA) fluxes
  • Available for the machine  ECD WaveRider wave soldering machine condition tester
  • Convection heating zone

  • IFC, intelligent flux control

  • Full Nitrogen Tunnel

  • Easy access for maintenance

  • Servofluxer

  • Spray fluxer

  • DwellMax innovative wave design


DwellFlex 4.0 Adjustable Wave Solder Nozzle

The dwellflex 4 is an adjustable width wavemaker that can be set to a different width after each palette

Electrovert Soldering and Cleaning Equipment

Electrovert introduction video

Cleaning the Actuator on the Fluxer

Fluxer cleaning video