Pillarhouse's new generation inline selective soldering platform. It combines low cycle times with the flexibility you are used to, compact machine length and a competitive market price.

To achieve the shortest possible cycle times, up to four sub-process stations can be configured as a fluxer, preheater and two consecutive hot tubs. These can even be of double bath design.

  • Various configurations, from 2 to 4 stations
  • Adjustable size PCB frame holder
  • Lateral framing
  • Encoder servomotors on X, Y and Z axes
  • 1,5 mm - 25 mm solder nozzle
  • Dropjet fluxer
  • Top and bottom IR preheater
  • Preheating control with an infrared thermometer
  • Automatic positioning point control
  • Measuring and adjusting the source wave height
  • Automatic solder dispensers
  • Complete selective soldering lines Nutek conveyor tracks are available with up to palette rebates
  • Ultrasonic flux application unit
  • Top infra preheating unit
  • Closed feedback preheating with pyrometer
  • Large hot tub design with multiple chimneys
  • Independent Z-axis double-bath design
  • Laser panel curvature compensation
  • Hot tub rapid exchange trolley
  • Automatic solder coil dispenser with built-in recognition
  • Dual lane design
  • PillarGen Nitrogen Generator
  • Modular design

    Number and sequence of fluxers, preheaters and soldering stations can be configured as required

  • Microphone nozzle

    1.5 mm micro nozzle for the most difficult solder points.

  • Double bedroom

    Two hot tubes for different alloys or nozzle designs

  • Ring theatre

    Fast and selective preheating option

  • Preheating

    Bottom and/or top preheating configurable

  • Nitrogen analyser

    Automatic measurement of shield gas purity

  • Lead and lead-free baths

    Using two alloys on the same equipment.

  • Preheatable hot tub

    Quick-change hot tub station with offline heating.

  • Unique hot tub designs

  • Panel curvature test

    Correction of soldering according to the curvature of the product.



Multi-sided configurable inline equipment at an economical price