For more than 25 years, YAMAHA has been offering a complete solution in the field of smart machines, SMT implanters.They have been present in the European market under their own brand since 2011, but their machines have also gained them a significant market share through their previous partner. With more than 30,000 implantation machines installed and more than 300 modules produced per month, they are one of the world's largest manufacturers.


Since the launch of their Pick and Place production, YAMAHA has been thinking in terms of a full line concept, so in addition to SMT implanters, they also have stencil printers, paste dispensers, automatic optical inspection (AOI) and automatic X-ray inspection (AXI) machines. In fact, by integrating these machines in series and using the YAMAHA Y.FACT software connection, it is possible to intelligently link these machines together, facilitating programming and the detection of manufacturing errors.


YAMAHA acquired the implant business of HITACHI in 2014. With the integration of the SIGMA series into YAMAHA, it can offer a professional solution in the truly high-speed production segment, allowing the YAMAHA portfolio to cover the entire market segment from flexible modular production lines to high-speed production.


With this portfolio complemented by the Pick and Place solution, ELAS can offer its customers a complete production line solution with a wide range of speed and flexibility requirements. As with all the equipment we offer, we provide a full service, including sales, commissioning, training, application support and service.


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