For more than 10 years ELAS Ltd. has been distributing and providing technical support for ECD Inc. thermal profile and machine condition testing equipment. We offer a wide range of thermocouples with short delivery times from stock. E-LAB-uWe offer our customers and interested parties the possibility to test our thermal profiling and machine condition testing equipment.


Electronic Controls Design Inc. has been developing and manufacturing special temperature measurement and machine condition testing equipment since 1964. The operating programs developed for intelligent instruments provide a number of useful functions to make the evaluation of measured results easier and faster.


Main types:

Thermal film processing equipment:


ELAS Ltd offers 3, 6 and 20 channel profile measuring equipment. A The latest generation of the M.O.L.E.® range enables intelligent measurement evaluation from the production line.


  • 250.000 measurement points per channel
  • adjustable sampling from 0.1 sec - 24 hours
  • Automatic decision-making
  • Simplified manageability
  • Compact design


Machine condition test equipment:


In connection with the M.O.L.E.® range of instruments, special etalon frames are available to check the condition of soldering equipment. The resulting thermal profile is different from the values measured on the printed circuit board, but provides much more detailed information about the process conditions. Using SPC statistical tests, the stability of the process can be well demonstrated.


Wave Rider - for testing wave soldering equipment


Checked parameters:

  • Depth of immersion
  • Contact date
  • Contact length
  • Hot tub temperature
  • Preheating air temperature
  • Wave parallelism


Download the WaveRider datasheet.


Oven Rider - for testing wave soldering equipment


Checked parameters:

  • Zone air temperature
  • Convection
  • Conveyor speed


Download the OvenRider datasheet.


In addition to the soldering processes, ECD also places great emphasis on the analysis of the parameters that influence the quality of the production environment. The SensorWatch product records temperature and humidity values on the shop floor, collecting data from several points simultaneously. The resulting database can be fully evaluated retrospectively.


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