Ceracon Canteen

CeraTHERM Catena

This Ceracon furnace is an extremely space-saving device for heat treatment and curing tasks, compared to even conventional tunnel furnaces. The height of the towers can be individually designed for the production area. The temperature of the ascending and descending tracks can be adjusted separately. Furthermore, complex and or long heat profiles can be created with two or more tower designs.

  • High efficiency convection heat treatment furnace
  • Vertical transport track design to save space
  • Custom height and tray size available
  • Configurable multi-zone design possible
  • Multi-tower design for long and complex thermal profiles
  • ECD thermal extruders can be used in the oven
  • Ideal for fluid dosages for post-curing
  • Up to with the cobotautomated loading and filling
  • Cantena interior view

    Compact manoeuvring system and separable take-off and landing legs

  • ceraconcanten4

    Vertical furnaces in a four-tower arrangement


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