Collaborative robots

A Rethink Sawyer cobot, a smart collaborative robot that can now work in collaboration with human workers, without the need to build costly and complex safety equipment around the robot. It does all this thanks to the fact that Sawyer has its own force sensor on each axis, which stops the cobot immediately if necessary. Commissioning and programming our smart collaborative robots is easier than ever before, no longer requiring time-consuming and costly programming expertise. Thanks to their low cost of ownership, but still affordable price, cobots can be loaded much faster than industrial robots.

The Rethink robot is an excellent solution for any application where valuable human labour can be freed from overly monotonous, exhausting tasks or from a working environment that is harmful to health. It is also recommended for businesses facing an increasingly severe and seemingly insurmountable labour shortage.
Sawyer's integrated camera system and optional grippers make it an ideal choice for a variety of industries. The application may be moving electronic panels, loading and unloading products into CNC machining centres or injection moulding machines, packaging or even visual inspection.

A year after HAHN Group acquired all rights to Sawyer robots, Rethink Robotics has unveiled its first hardware upgrade. The result of a long history of application experience and German engineering, the Sawyer BLACK Edition.

The new Sawyer features higher reliability and quality components, as well as a quieter drive.

The Sawyer BLACK Edition contributes to a quieter working environment, making it even more popular with employees. The improved component quality of the Sawyer BLACK Edition significantly increases the reliability of the cobot.



Why is it worth using a cobot?

1. Value

Before any Sawyer application, it is worth considering the productivity gains and quality improvements that the cob will bring. Also, how much valuable human labour the cobot will free up that can be used for other tasks.


2. Flexibility

The Sawyer can be used for a wide range of production tasks thanks to its 7-joint axle system, embedded camera, long maximum reach (1260 mm) and wide range of grippers. Its rolling stand makes it easy to move to a new work station and its simple programmability means it can be quickly trained for a new job.


3. Fast return on investment

The Sawyer's low price, ease of installation and programming, and low safety costs mean that the return on investment for cobot automation is much faster than for traditional industrial robots.


4. Simplicity

Sawyer cobots are designed so that anyone can be quickly trained for any new manufacturing challenge without expensive programming skills, even by moving the robot arm.


5. Security

Each joint on the axle system is equipped with its own force sensor, making the cobot suitable for working directly with people. This greatly reduces the cost of safety equipment and of course the space requirements of the machine.


About Rethink Robotics:

Rethink Robotics was founded in 2008 by Rodney Brooks, who had previously co-founded iRobotics, famous for its automated smart cleaning machines. The company, which started as a start-up in Boston, pioneered Baxter's collaborative robot in 2012, and a few years ago joined Sawyer to become one of the world's leading cobot developers. In 2019, Rethink Robotics became part of the Hahn Group, one of Germany's largest automation companies, in 100%, pairing Sawyer's pioneering innovation with German engineering.

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Find out more about Sawyer and its accessories!

A Sawyer

Sawyer kollaboratív robot

Meet Sawyer, the smart collaborative robot, a simple automation solution for any manufacturing task. Relieve labour shortages with a fast return on investment!

ClickSmart Grippers

Large vacuum gripper Sawyer-hez

Ready-to-use gripper kits for any application, to grip and move any object. Flexible vacuum discs and grippers available.


Rethink Intera

Intera software interface for easy and fast robot training for anyone. A unique feature is that Intera tracks and stores selected key parameters of the production process while the cobot is running.

OnRobot accessories

OnRobot RG6 gripper

Discover the OnRobot product range, where you will find all the tools you need to automate your production processes.

Sawyer applications

Servicing X-ray cells

Servicing X-ray equipment is a difficult task to automate due to the different geometries and product ranges.
ELAS' automation team solved the management of a previously manual workstation with our Rethink Sawyer collaborative robot, using Sawyer's unique features such as built-in force measurement or integrated camera.
For simple automation solutions, contact us!


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PCB management and ICT

Handling electronic panels is traditionally a difficult task to automate, due to sensitive components and frequent product changeovers. Thanks to Sawyer's ±0.1 mm precision axis system, sensitive force gauges and vacuum gripper system, you can quickly get to work on this task without having to rearrange your current workstation. With years of electronics experience, the ELAS team is ready for any cobot integration task, be it ICT, PCB marking or even dispensing.


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Pick and Place

In almost every factory, there is a task where a product or part has to be moved from one place to another. For such monotonous, tedious, yet critical human tasks, Sawyer is an excellent option. With its range of cobot grippers and camera system, it can detect and move many different objects and even palletise or place them in precise positions.



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Packaging finished products is a repetitive but essential process in any plant. Sawyer is able to pack your products in any packaging, even in multiples, quickly but reliably ready for delivery.


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CNC machine tool operation

Filling these machines means a lot of dead time and repetitive tasks for the human workforce, but Sawyer feels right at home here. Combined with CNC equipment, it provides a complete machining, loading and unloading solution.


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Injection moulding

In the plastics industry, our cobots can be used for a wide range of activities. It is ideal for unloading products from injection moulding machines, for final packaging or even for inspection!


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Visual inspection

Previously, full inspection could only be automated in high volume production, but Sawyer puts an end to this. With its camera system, it can perform a complete visual inspection of any product with complete traceability and even intervene and repair in case of defect detection!


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Pressing and stamping in the metal industry

These jobs can be really noisy, dirty and dangerous, while the work is monotonous and simple. But Sawyer is happy to work in such a place, tirelessly loading pieces even when there's a wide variety of products.


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Automated screwdriving with OnRobot collaborative screwdriver

Simple, intelligent and cost-effective automated screwdriving with the OnRobot collaborative screwdriver and Sawyer cobot.

The OnRobot Screwdriver and the available screw feeders can handle a wide range of screw sizes from M1.6 to M6, up to 50 mm screw length. Precise torque control from 0.15 Nm to 5 Nm.

Its protection features make it suitable for cooperative applications with screws up to 35 mm long, which the screwdriver fully retracts during movement.


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Change application in 2 minutes

The "Robot Positioning System" used by Sawyer allows for flexible repositioning of the cobot as well as dynamic repositioning.

By using Landmarks and a mobile pedestal, Sawyer adapts quickly to changing work environments, enabling a wide range of applications without additional hardware, software or integration.
For simple automation solutions, contact us!


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Simple programming

You don't even need a PC to learn the simple movements and operations, the navigator buttons on Sawyer's arm make it quick and easy to set up in minutes.

For simple automation solutions, contact us!


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Landmark use

The use of Landmarks is a great help when moving the Sawyer cobot to a new workstation or when the trained positions are moved for some reason. There is no need for lengthy retraining of positions, this task is done for us by the built-in camera system together with the Intera software

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