OnRobot screwdriver

OnRobot Screwdriver


The new intelligent OnRobot Screwdriver for light industrial and collaborative robots makes it easy to automate assembly processes. Intelligent error detection and multiple screw size management ensure consistent results and significantly reduce cycle times.

  • Complete electric screwdriving solution
  • External screw feed with two types of available magnetic screw feeders
  • Quick and easy commissioning and minimal downtime during changeovers
  • Embedded z axis, which reduces robot arm movement and simplifies programming
  • Built-in protection features
  • Screwdriving up to 35 mm
  • Extensive possibilities for collaborative automation

Possible areas of application:


  • Assembly


Can be used on the following products:


  • Plastic
  • metal
  • fa
  • Plug-and-play, automated screwdriver

    Highly versatile and flexible, with a wide range of bolt sizes and lengths to ensure quick changeover for a fast return on investment


OnRobot Screwdriver, the intelligent screwdriver

Quick setup and programming. Simply mount the screwdriver, insert the appropriate bit, then enter the screw length and torque directly into the robot's user interface.