Sawyer is a collaborative robot

Sawyer, the smart collaborative robot

Sawyer is a revolutionary smart collaborative robot designed to automate tasks that are not feasible or profitable with traditional industrial robots. Our smart cobot offers quick-to-deploy automation thanks to its simple setup, programmability and low safety costs, while offering outstanding flexibility as Sawyer can be easily adapted to any manufacturing or inspection task. Thanks to its 7 degrees of freedom and 1260 mm maximum arm reach, the cobot is able to work in confined spaces in workstations that were originally designed for human operators. Thanks to its built-in force gauges and camera, it can make adaptive decisions while working with precision (+/- .1 mm) even directly next to people. ClickSmart  and plug and play grippers to help make any object easy to move. Intera software interface not only helps with easy programmability, but also provides full tracebility of the cobot's operation.

  • Collaborative smart robot that works with humans
  • 7 degrees of freedom
  • Long, extension length 1260 mm
  • Load cells on all axles, safe cage-free operation
  • +/- 0.1 mm axial accuracy
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Built-in, teachable Cognex cameras on the wrist and head unit
  • Intera software interface, for easy teachability
  • ClickSmart grippers, for any task
  • Roller stand for quick movement between workstations
  • Capacity 4 kg
  • Maximum extension 1260 mm
  • +/- 0.1 mm axial accuracy
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Media requirement: 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 4A max
  • Communication: Modbus TCP, TCP/IP

Application possibilities:

  • PCB handling, ICT tester loading and unloading
  • CNC machining machine operation
  • Filling metal presses and punching machines
  • Packaging of injection moulded products
  • Packaging
  • Testing and inspection
  • ClickSmart family

    Sawyer grippers for all applications.

  • Integrated wrist camera

    Precise, integrated industrial camera for object detection.

  • Sawyer tripod

    Roller stand to move Sawyer easily between workstations.

  • Rethink Intera

    Intera programming interface for cobot programming


Meet Sawyer!

Smart collaborative robot for economical and safe automation projects!

At work in Sawyer.

Our smart collaborative robot can be used for a wide range of different manufacturing tasks!

ClickSmart family of grippers

Comprehensive end-effectors, tailored to the application

Integrated visualisation

Built-in dual camera system for object recognition and environment monitoring