ELAS Ltd has been distributing and supporting CIF (formerly EXMORE) vapour phase soldering equipment since 2008. Our soldering specialists and technicians are at the disposal of users, interested parties and ELAS E-LAB-you can see and test our VS-500 demo machine.


Today, the complexity of electronic assemblies constantly demands increasingly precise, uniform heating. In high-capacity production lines, this is achieved with complex, high-efficiency air furnaces, but these can be operated with very low efficiency for medium to low volume production. Advances in chemistry have made it possible to avoid the use of hazardous substances in vapour phase soldering technology.

EXMORE has been present in the electronics manufacturing technology market for more than 15 years, initially mainly as a distributor. Based on their own experience and that of their customers, they developed the offline vapour phase reflow equipment to meet market needs.


CIF VS-500-V


For medium volume production, the use of vapour phase technology is the perfect choice. In addition to production, the BGA is also an excellent tool for re-polymerisation and glue curing tasks. It can perform the soldering of components and the creation of perfect solder joints without the risk of heat shock and with minimum ΔT.


Key features:

  • Built-in chiller, no need for cooling water or air connection
  • Advanced control software
  • Measure, control, download heat profile
  • 100% Oxygen-free soldering environment without nitrogen consumption!
  • Even the most complex panel has a minimum ΔT
  • Max. product size: 500×500×60 mm


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