ELAS Ltd. has been the Hungarian representative of the Speedline Group since its establishment. ELECTROVERT, a member of this group, offers a wide range of reflow and wave soldering equipment to meet the highest demands. Their equipment is extremely durable and can be customised to meet customer requirements. Over the past two decades, more than 100 ELECTROVERT reflow furnaces and wave soldering systems have been installed in Hungary.


Electrovert, part of the Speedline group, has been a pioneer in soldering technology since 1951. Their wave soldering technology was introduced in North America in 1957. It replaced the earlier manual soldering and became an efficient and precise mass production process for the printed circuit board industry. After its emergence in the 1960s, surface mount technology became widespread in the late 1980s.


At the same time Electrovert developed its first reflow ovens. Today, Electrovert is a world leader in soldering processes, with a presence in over 70 countries worldwide with their highly durable and precise wave soldering equipment, reflow ovens and circuit board cleaning machines. Electrovert was the first to develop wave and reflow equipment for lead-free soldering, meeting the future stringent environmental standards of the electronics industry. Electrovert's decades of research and innovation in reflow technology have resulted in the incorporation of processes such as High Mass, Low Mass heating, controlled injection fan speed control, extruded multifunctional conveyor track, flux draining system (Intelligent Flux Control with RunMax Technology), wet or air cooling zones. These solutions allow Electrovert reflow equipment to be characterised by efficient energy use, low nitrogen consumption and low maintenance.


In the field of wave soldering, a number of patented products have also been launched, such as Lambda Wave, Dual Wave, Omega wave, UltraFill, specially designed for lead-free soldering, or DwellMax. These developments make their equipment suitable for soldering both bore and surface mount circuit components. Precise wave height control is fully ensured with the Exacta Wave option. In addition to these enhancements, the Con2tour precision nitrogen atmosphere soldering, the Hot Gas Debridging knife - which eliminates solder bridge formation - the Vectaheat convection preheater and the integrated Dross Reclamation System is also the name of Electrovert. Electrovert was the first to develop wave and reflow equipment for lead-free soldering to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations. In addition to meeting growing environmental demands, Electrovert systems have become renowned worldwide in electronics manufacturing technology for their high precision, excellent reliability and low cost.


Main features of OmniMax / OmniES reflow kemece series:


  • Robustly designed conveyer belt
  • Software-controlled convection per zone
  • Up to 20% lower energy consumption compared to previous equipment
  • Made in USA


  • 7 (+2) or 10 (+3) zone version
  • 2685 mm or 3855 mm heated length
  • Closed circuit cooling zones for nitrogen soldering
  • Oxygen level analyser with automatic nitrogen inflow control
  • Bottom cooling zone
  • Two-track design
  • Parkable central support system

Vectra Elite main features of the wave soldering series:

  • Lead-free soldering, specially designed for medium to high volume production
  • High heat capacity cast iron hot tub
  • Motorised bath movement (up and down, up and down)
  • Program-controlled adjustment of the hot tub height
  • Conveyor capable of carrying up to 45 kg
  • Easy accessibility, maintainability
  • Easily accessible maintenance tool store


  • Up to 1.8 m long infrared or convection preheating modules, in top or bottom position
  • Air-atomized, dropjet or ultrasonic atomization servo-controlled flux atomization systems with self-cleaning capability
  • Built-in 1.2 m long infrared or convection preheating

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