ELAS has been distributing and supporting Pillarhouse equipment since 2006. We have two engineers and two technicians dedicated to high level application support, service and project management. A permanent stock of spare parts is available to our customers. In the ELAS E-LAB you can try out the Jade S-200 MKII-type equipment.


The UK company Pillarhouse is a pioneer in selective soldering. Already in 1996 they built their first flexible, modular selective soldering equipment. And they had already been producing machines for selectively soldering coils long before that. Pillarhouse only manufactures selective soldering equipment, but has a very wide range of such equipment. Their machines are well suited to a wide range of applications and capacity requirements. Pillarhouse is always at the forefront of development. It holds several patents, such as the patent for the 1.5mm diameter MicroNozzle nozzle, which can be used to create a stable wave with a 2mm contact area with good heat transfer.




The Jade pro/duplex is designed for small batch production units where flexibility is the most important consideration. The different solder alloys required by the Jade Pro for different productions can be changed without expensive and long changeover times.



Main features/options


  • automatic hot tub replacement (max. 4 hot tubs!)
  • automatic solder dispenser
  • hot tub quick change trolley
  • adjustable size PCB frame holder
  • dual ultrasonic or Dropjet fluxer
  • 1,5 mm - 25 mm solder nozzle
  • top and bottom IR preheater
  • preheating control with an infrared thermometer
  • manual or automatic positioning point control
  • measurement and adjustment of hot-wave height
  • laser panel curvature compensation




Pillarhouse Synchrodex In-line selective soldering equipment is fully modular. Each module is a self-contained unit and can be configured and moved independently. You are free to choose between fluxer only, fluxer and preheater combined, preheater only and soldering modules. This allows flexibility to match the investment to the required yield, maximising the return on investment.



Main features


  • Same design as Pillarhouse HANDEX, options
  • automatic width adjustment conveyer belt system
  • handling even frameless panels
  • positioning with positioning points and Z altimeter sensor




  • Ultrasonic flux application unit
  • Top infra preheating unit
  • Lower slide-in and slide-out infra preheater unit
  • Closed feedback preheating with pyrometer
  • Encode feedback on X, Y and Z axes


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