Vertical curing oven

CeraTHERM stack

Ceracon Stack is the leading model from the manufacturer thanks to its extreme space saving and efficiency. In this machine, 6 to 6 different temperature zones per ascending and descending branch can be configured, allowing even the most complex thermal profiles to be realised. The machine's conveyor trays can be scaled to the product to be handled, allowing maximum product density to be achieved in the machine, whether the task is the production of thin films or large automotive assemblies.

  • High efficiency convection heat treatment furnace
  • Vertical transport track design to save space
  • Custom height and tray size available
  • Configurable multi-zone design within the take-off and landing strands available
  • Multi-tower design for long and complex thermal profiles
  • Laminar heat flow profile for uniform heat transfer
  • ECD thermal extruders can be used in the oven
  • Ideal for fluid dosages for post-curing
  • Up to with the cobotautomated loading and filling
  • Can also be operated in an open space!
  • Ceracon Stack from the inside

    Maximum space utilisation with high performance

  • Individual heating or cooling zone design

    Up to 6-6 different temperatures can be created per landing and take-off

  • Laminar flow

    Uniform heat transfer throughout the zone



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