We offer industrial X-ray inspection in the ELAS demo lab, where our partners have access to a GE Phoenix X-ray precision X-ray machine with micrometer detection capability Micromex X-ray equipment. With the help of the machine we can perform serial measurements and failure analysis. The equipment can be operated by ELAS' own technicians or by the customer's technicians, in which case training is provided.


Examples of tests that can be carried out:


  • Circuit boards, electronic components (BGA, QFP, QFN)
  • Forward bindings
  • Coils, relays, wires
  • Analysis of mechanical parts
  • Sample size: up to 5 kg and 61 x 46cm



CT scans are also available at our company:


  • Aluminium castings, injection moulded plastic parts
  • Electronic components, complete electronic controls
  • Testing various mechanical assemblies and components



The completed 3D model E-LAB-We analyse the data in our laboratory using VG Studio MAX software, represented by ELAS Ltd., and we produce cross-sectional images, videos, reports and the 3D voxel model of the test.