For more than 10 years ELAS Ltd. has been distributing the American MicroCare products, which are special cleaning agents developed specifically for the electronics industry. In addition to solvents for solvent removal, the range also includes auxiliary materials for circuit repair tasks and chemicals for cleaning machine and machine parts. ELAS Ltd. offers almost the entire range of MicroCare products from stock.


Main types of tasks:

  • Panel cleaning, flux removal:
  • Removal of residual unleaded flux - PowerClean
  • "No Clean" flux removal - VeriClean
  • Resin flux removal - SuprClean
  • Water-based flux removal - ProClean


Their latest development is the VOC-free flux remover UltraClean "VOC-Free Flux Remover UltraClean". A solvent that is very effective on resin-based fluxes, but also has good cleaning properties on silicone-based contaminants.


Label removal:

  • Tidy Pen


Panel repair, disassembly:

  • Contact repair solvent - ContaClean
  • Freezer spray - Freeze
  • High purity compressed air - Blast


Stencil cleaning:

  • lint-free wipes for manual and machine cleaning (DuPont materials)


All MicroCare cleaner bottles are compatible with the Trigger Grip solution, which is a handle with a pressure reducer and brush. It allows you to avoid tipping the bottle during use, just move the brush over the product. By using the Trigger Grip, the amount of solvent used for cleaning can be reduced by up to 30%.


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In addition to the electronics industry, the optical applications with the Sticklers range of products.


Main types of tasks:

  • Cleaning optical connectors
  • Cleaning fibre optics
  • Cleaning of other optical components, lenses
  • Droplet-free drying
  • Specially designed cleaning sticks


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