ELAS Ltd. has been representing Czech PBT solutions in Hungary since 2008. Our company employs one engineer and one technician to provide technical and application support for washing tasks.


PBT is one of the leading manufacturers in the industrial cleaning equipment market, with nearly 20 years of experience and several patented technical solutions. These solutions, together with continuous and vigorous development, are the basis for their uninterrupted growth. Thanks to the technologies they use, their washing equipment is present worldwide in various fields of electronics manufacturing, and is therefore able to cover a particularly wide range of washing technologies.


Featured products:


StencilClean SiA


Highly efficient and low cost cleaning equipment with Spray in Air technology for cleaning stencils.


  •  Maximum cleanable stencil size: 740x820x90 mm
  •  Cleaning liquid 70 litres, max. 50 °C
  •  Drying temperature max. 90 °C
  •  PLC control


Super SWASH stencil washer


Automatic, high-pressure cleaning system for cleaning stencils, misprints and mounted panels. Thanks to the innovative design of the cleaning chamber, nozzle system, suction and mist extraction system, the consumption of cleaning agent is drastically reduced!

  • A workspace
  • Cleaning liquid max. 60°C
  • Flushing liquid max. 45°C
  • Drying temperature max. 120°C
  • Industrial PC control
  • 3 levels of solvent filtration
  • 4 levels of integrated ion exchange water treatment


CompaClean - panel cleaner


Automatic, spray cleaning equipment for cleaning mounted or unmounted panels, flux removal and wave soldering frames. Provides reliable cleaning at minimum cost, with minimum operator intervention and minimum environmental impact.


  • Programmable wash, rinse, dry
  • Cleaning liquid max. 50°C
  • Flushing liquid max. 50°C
  • Drying temperature max. 110°C
  • Industrial PC control
  • Easy maintenance


ModuleClean - panel cleaner


High-capacity modular panel washer. Its main advantage is the modular construction principle, which allows a very flexible configuration of the washing processes. It requires relatively little space and is easy to move.


  • Programmable wash, rinse, dry
  • consists of 4 different modules
  • High pressure washing
  • Liquid-flow flushing
  • Ultrasonic flushing
  • Drying under vacuum
  • Industrial PC control
  • Easy maintenance



Manufacturer's website: http://www.pbt.cz/export/