PDR products have been produced in Hungary since 2009. We provide continuous support and spare parts supply for the products we sell. Besides the representation of the equipment, our company is also available for further soldering and repair questions. The ELAS E-LAB-You can see and try the PDR XT5P professional repair station.


PDR was founded in 1985 and started marketing its first repair systems in 1987. PDR was the first to use infrared technology for SMT repairs. The company's headquarters and manufacturing base are located in the UK. More than 4,000 PDR units are in operation worldwide in a wide range of repair applications (mobile phones, automotive, aerospace).

The robust and modular design of the stations makes them ideal for the repair of SMD components, BGAs, CSPs, flip chips, even chips as small as 0201. Thanks to the unique Focused Shortwave Infrared Technology, the units are able to heat only the failed part with high selectivity, without the use of special noozle. The desired heat profile can be quickly and easily set and accurately monitored through precise sensor feedback. This guarantees a high quality, repeatable repair.

Our range of equipment varies from the simplest entry-level manual rework station to the high-end Professional BGA rework stations. The stations are also ideal for the repair of products made with lead-free technology (PB-free).


Featured product:


PDR IR-E6 Evolution


  • 3000 W panel heater
  • Patented, Focused infrared component heater
  • PCB insertion in X,Y,Teta direction with micrometer movement
  • Precision parts handling system
  • Prismatic BGA adjustment camera system
  • High accuracy temperature sensing
  • Maximum panel size: 460mm × 620mm



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