ELAS Ltd. started to represent Scheugenpflug dispensing equipment in Hungary in 2010. We deal with sales, machine installation, technical support and service of Scheugenpflug equipment and spare parts.

Eric Scheugenpflug founded the company in Neustadt an der Danube (Germany) in 1990. Initially, the company was only involved in the design and manufacture of in-house designed material preparation equipment and metering feeders. Now, in addition to the development of dosing heads and material preparation trolleys for a very wide range of raw materials, they also manufacture free-standing or in-line cells. Their solutions include heated material transfer systems, vacuum preparation trolleys and vacuum inline/offline pouring equipment, etc.

The German parent company is supported by a subsidiary in the US and China, as well as sales and service partners in several European countries.


Main product groups:


Material preparation:


A90: For preparing small quantities of materials. Multiple A90 solutions allow easy preparation of a variety of material types. Among others, they can be used for vacuum preparation of low viscosity materials or for tubular dosing of high viscosity materials.


A220: Material handling equipment for barrel packed, medium to high viscosity, non-abrasive, one or two component materials. Uniform, controlled outlet pressure up to 100 bar. Barrel change is a quick, clean operation. No manual deaeration is required after connecting a new barrel.


A280: Material handling equipment for barrel packed medium to high viscosity abrasive or non-abrasive, single or dual component materials. Bucket change is a quick, clean operation. No manual deaeration is required after connecting a new bucket.


A310: Abrasive or non-abrasive, for the preparation of small to medium viscosity materials with one or two components. Preparation under vacuum, material mixing, circulation, all elements heated, automatic or manual refilling.




Piston dispensing head: For dosing two-component substances at a defined mixing ratio. It can be used for abrasive, non-abrasive, separation-prone or vapour-sensitive materials.


Piezo head: For precise dosing of small quantities of single-component materials. The viscosity of the materials to be dosed can vary over a wide range.


Gear pump: For precise, rapid dosing of single-component, non-abrasive materials


Dosing systems:


Desktop Cell: Small workspace, lightweight desktop workstation. Recommended primarily for sample or pilot production or for small batch production. It has all the elements needed for freely programmable dispensing and reliable safe production.


LeanLine Cell: A productive production cell with a small, non-line mountable, medium-sized work envelope. Parts of the workpiece handling can be freely modified.


CNCell: A robust, fast, in-line production cell designed for continuous mass production. It can also be modified for workpiece handling. Largest work cell.


Robot Cell: Workstation designed to feed complex, three-dimensional routes. In this solution, the classic XYZ axis system is replaced by a robotic arm that moves the dispensing head or the product. Equivalent to CNCell in terms of equipment, productivity and customisability.


In-line / off-line vacuum dosing: Bubble-free pouring, achieved only by pouring under vacuum. These are equivalent to CNCell, but with a vacuum working area. There are several standard sizes of off-line and in-line versions.


For system integrators:


Processing module: A complete dosing solution that can be built into a production cell. Includes shaft system, dispensing head, control. Weight and needle control are also part of the system. All parameters for the dosing, the production program and the head management can be easily customized via a Windows-based user interface. There are also several designs in terms of shaft layout and size.

All of the above dispensing heads, material feeders and complete dispensing systems can be supplemented with external control via network communication.


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