Yamaha Factory Tools

Production planning and product support


Yamaha could not fully deliver on the concepts of Intelligent Factory and Total Line Solution without a software package that could manage it all centrally and in a user-friendly way. It's worth every word to watch the video below, but to give you the gist, the Yamaha solution includes the following software packages:


Data Programming Package - CAD conversion, Virtual Sticky tape, Line optimization, Production planning

Line Monitoring Package - Remote component consumption forecast

Setup navigation Package - Component preparation, changeover management

Traceability package - data collection, retrieval

IT Solutions - Automatic program switching, LED binning, Adaptive feeder placement and many moreii

Integrated solutions - 3rd party communication link



We would especially like to highlight the possibility of active communication between machines as an M2M connection, which at the highest level can only be realised by manufacturers who make the entire production line available not only from one source, but from one manufacturer! Yamaha is such a company.


M2M in our case:

Auto program loading for the whole line

Badmark transmission

Print feedback

Feed forward

AOI feedback to mounter

Warehouse parts preparation