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Selective soldering

Today, selective soldering is an essential technology in the electronics industry, and the process is a key determinant of the quality of the final product. For more than 15 years we have been dealing with selective soldering equipment from the British manufacturer Pillarhouse. Pillarhouse offers a wide range of offline and inline equipment and options, tailored to the specificity of the soldering job.

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Highly flexible soldering equipment for high-mix production tasks. Available in one or two bath configurations. Even the most difficult soldering point is no obstacle for the Jade. 


Flexible soldering system built on the Jade base with integrated rotary table, reducing product changeover to less than 2 seconds.


Fluxer, preheater and soldering Synchrodex modules can be configured to any production line for the most varied soldering tasks at high capacity.


Pillarhouse's newly developed inline equipment, configured with up to 4 different stations, is a compact solution for high capacity yet flexible production tasks.

Pilot - the desktop

This benchtop unit provides the soldering quality you've come to expect from Pillarhouse in a compact design for a low investment