Volumegraphics working from home licence

In view of the current virus situation, Volumegraphics, the developer of the VGStudio software packages, is offering free licenses for all its users to work from home. Details:

-Version: latest version 3.3 (with modules for existing software package)
-All users of a given partner can download it for home
-Expiry date: June 2020. 30

Claim procedure:

-Follow the link above, or Here Click to copy
-Right side of the website "

Request Your Free Working-from-Home License” részen 1-től 6-ig legördülő listák mezőinek kitöltése. (*-gal jelöltek kitöltése kötelező). „5. license” pont esetén a meglévő license id-ja opcionálisan megadható (segíti a licensz beazonosítását), ez az információ a Vgstudio programot megnyitva a help-about-license information fülön található.
-Kitöltés után „Submit” gombbal beküldhető a kérés
-Then Volumegraphics will send you an e-mail about the further steps to be taken to the e-mail address you provided (the link provided in this e-mail will take you to the user name and password in the e-mail to access the interface where you can download the VGStudio installer)
-After installation, the first time you start the software, you will be asked to fill in a register form. After entering the data, the generated file should be sent by e-mail to sales@volumegraphics.com-ra
-The license file will be sent by e-mail, which must be copied to the installation folder of VGStudio, which by default is C:\Program Files\Volume Graphics\VGSTUDIO MAX 33
-Then you can start the software as usual

  • Request Your Free Working-from-Home License

  • Help-About-License information

  • Fill in the Register form