RTX-113HV (3500 Series)

Glenbrook Technologies Inc. is a US-based developer and manufacturer of small and medium-sized 2D X-ray equipment for real-time inspection. These machines are suitable for the inspection of electronic components (e.g. BGA, uBGA, QFN, LED), assemblies and single or multilayer printed circuits. The RTX-113HV X-ray machine is a practical and economical solution for small volume manufacturers and electronics repair companies.

  • Pipe voltage: 80kV
  • 4-50X magnification
  • 30um focal spot
  • Image processing software with BGA and Void calculation (GTI-5000)
  • Micro-Tech X-ray tube with 10um focal length (225X magnification)
  • Manual/motorised X-Y movement system
  • 45-degree decision option